[Space] Meeting notes for 2011.02.06

Christopher Lincoln cclinco at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 03:45:44 UTC 2011

 - Onno
 - Brian
 - Christopher

Started the meeting with giving Onno a walk though of the current state of
the project.  Outlined what equipment we are using, and what equipment we
are planning on replacing.
Equipment being replaced
 - Camera
 - Radio transmitter
 - open tracker
 - GPS puck
 - antena
 - Payload bus

Brian gave an update of the new APRS equipment

Onno is interested in adding a live video feed to our payload.  Looked at
the Adeptco.com transmitters.
It draws alot of power, so batteries for it will add alot of weight.
 Possible solutions would be to add a pressure sencor to turn it off at a
certin altitud and then back on at a certine altitude for live launch and
decent vedio.
 - the module is 50 grams, the lithium battery should be about 90 grams.
 - Use the android phone to loop the radio call sign as an audio output,
route this to the video transmitter to keep call sign broadcasted.

Project status
Camera: Blake has purchsed one new camera for the project, and has started
to port the CHDK.

APRS System: Brain has purchased the nessicary parts, but has not started
the build process

Video Feed: Still in planning stage

Payload Bus: on hold tell equipment list is finalized
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