[Space] Blake's spacebridge status 20110612

Blake Barrett Blake at BlakeBarrett.net
Mon Jun 13 01:29:21 UTC 2011

Hello Spacebridge,
   I (as you may have noticed) didn't show up to tonight's meeting; I will,
instead, be relaying my status to you via electronic correspondence in the
form of this message.

I have been e-mailing the CEO of Snapit HD (http://www.snapithd.com/). He
plans on launching a balloon to inaugurate the launch of his camera product
and has been asking me for tips on launching. We have also discussed
synchronized launches; where he launches a balloon with his camera on board
from his launch site and we launch a balloon with one of his cameras on
board (which would be a donation to SB) from our launch site.
Did I mention he is in New Zealand? We would be launching in opposing
hemispheres and opposite sides of the earth. I also mentioned the BM thing
to him, in an effort to possibly get a camera to us faster, and he seemed

I also *may* soon have access to another G1, but that's TBD and we have to
have a reason to fly it.

blake at blakebarrett.net
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