[Space] hi all!

Ian Eyberg ian at clicksaw.com
Thu Mar 17 21:38:00 UTC 2011

hey all!

  I just moved from Missouri and have been interested in diy space
exploration about as long as I've been interested in space in general.

  I dropped off 40? 100gram weather balloons at the space last Sat/Sun?
-- feel free to get into them (I know they won't go too high or carry
too much payload) but I'm sure the creative minds over there will think
of something awesome to do with them.

  I'm a bit of a JPAerospace fanboy and almost went to the GPSl last
summer but things got held up. When it comes to space I'm intersted in
more than just balloons though -- pretty much anything besides rockets
(while still cool, they simply can't do what we need).

  Anyways, hope to meet some of you all soon and participate as well.

- ian

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