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DIY Hey guys,

Thought you might be interested in this.  Very cheap...


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Korey Kline wrote:

>  Update on Qu8k........Chuck Rodgers is on site analyzing Derek's
>  accelerometer data.......he text + 121,000 Ft!!
> >>> Also if the vehicle exceeds 60Kft and 1K mph then no
> >>> non-munition GPS is going to give you data until it is
> >>> reset.<<<
> >>> You can exceed either one, but if you exceed both it is
> >>> supposed to shut off.<<<
>  Paul....is there a "pro-munition"  GPS available for sale?  I'm sure
>  Derek would be happy to fly your GPS project on the next flight since
>  he recovered all the rocket hardware!
>  K2

Interestingly enough, there are opensource projects for diy gps units.
Maxim has complete gps receiver front-ends for about ~$4.50. It provides
digitized data out:

There are a number of opensource gps libraries/projects available too. :)

Robert W.

aRocket at exrocketry.net

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