[Space] Anyone interested in flying to the moon?

Steve Berl steveberl at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 02:08:05 UTC 2012


I'm part of Team Phoenicia, one of the teams currently participating in the
Google Lunar X Prize competition. We are trying to grow our team a bit, and
I'm wondering if anyone on this list would be interested.

We are mostly located in the SF bay area, and a lot of the hardware happens
down in Menlo Park, but depending on what you might be interested in
geography might not matter.

We need people with all sorts of skills. In particular we need someone with
interest in radio and radar, and maybe lasers. Also mechanical designer. We
have a few software people, but we could definitely use some more help, so
experience in real time embedded systems would be great. But we also need
to develop ground station software with graphical interfaces, and data
processing applications.

So there is a ton of work to do and problems to solve. Tell me what you are
interested in, and I bet we can find something for you to work on.

And this is not a "job". Nobody on the team is getting paid for their work.
We are all doing it for the fun, and most have day jobs. There is potential
that a business may come out of this work in the future, but for now we are
just a bunch of hardware and software hackers trying to build some really
cool machines.

What do you think?

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