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Our Solar System is measured in light minutes.  The nearest stars are
light years away.  Is that appalling distance humanity’s prison wall

“The 100-year Starship” is the name of a now-culminating project that
mustered a handful of scientists and science fiction writers to
contemplate how Earthlings might, over the coming century, realistically
develop the ability to escape our Solar System and travel the light
years to others.

Participants included scientists such as Freeman Dyson and Martin Rees
and writers such as Gregory Benford and Neal Stephenson. The
professional futurist in the group was Peter Schwartz, who contributed
scenarios playing out four futures of starship ambitions. To his
surprise, exploring the scenarios suggested that getting effective star
travel over the coming century or two is not a long shot. Even by widely
divergent paths, it looks like a near certainty.

Schwartz’s talk will report on the exciting work by the 19 participants
and spell out the logics of his scenarios. The new book from the
project, Starship Century: Toward the Grandest Horizon, will be
available at the event.

"The Starships ARE Coming," Peter Schwartz, SFJAZZ Center, Hayes Valley,
San Francisco, 7pm, Tuesday, September 17.  The show starts promptly at

To be sure of a seat:
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Talks coming up:
Oct. 15 (Tue.) - Adam Steltzner, "Beyond Mars, Earth"
Nov. 18 (Mon.) - Richard Kurin, "American History in 101 Objects"
Dec. 17 (Tue.) - Rick Prelinger, Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, 8

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 --Stewart Brand (sb at longnow.org)

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