[Tastebridge] Lets bubble! When? Tell me!!!

algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org
Thu Aug 5 05:11:59 UTC 2010

Hi to All!
I have done several other food and drink culturing promotion and  
people are starting to be really interested in Tastebridge project. We  
have to organize better and I can not do everything, as I've recently  
found out. If you could help with these things, thanks!

1) set up good time for meet up
2) come to the meet up
3) post to the list cool "tastebridge interest" things
4) do something at tastebridge what is cool
5) make a wikipage
6) donate pint and quart seal-able glass bottles or bigger glass containers
6) try to get digital camera or scales
7) help to run continues events, for example kombucha making night,  
beer tasting salon, tasty hardware hacking etc.
8) make the incubator project a "full circle" we are quite close to  
the prototype in theory and I believe less than 10 hours in practice.  
We can to that guys right?

  In other words, "do something what is excellent to each other".

Talk to you soon,

PS We have new batch of kombucha in a new fridge, food and tastebridge  
dedicated. I've brewed kombucha (cold hibiscus infusion, cane organic  
sugar and kombucha mother) and coolers (water, honey and whey culture  
(kefir culture) (sometimes instead of clear water, cold, on vitamin C  
rich hibiscus infusion is used).

PS II. Any suggestions are welcome, post them to the list please or  
directly to me if you prefer

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