[Tastebridge] My Farewell - party Tuesday 7th of December, after 7 pm

algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org
Sun Dec 5 23:22:25 UTC 2010

Hi to All!
This is an invitation for My Farewell Party which will take place at  
Noisebridge on 7th of December after 7 pm until late (help with  
preparations and organization appreciated). It is also going to be the  
last cooking class which I'm going to be involved in. I hope that I'll  
see many of you around on that day. Thanks to everyone for support of  
this new movement as the food and beverage hacking is.

My next stop is Japan where I'm going to do more food and beverage  
culturing traveling all over  the country. Everyone who would like to  
support this activity can do so on my web pages   
http//frantisekapfelbeck.org  through a simple donation button. Every  
little helps, thanks! This budget will cover my last year of travels  
and majority of 2011.

I've also done last order for Tastebridge so we should have some  
brewing supplies for a while, please use them wisely (list below).

I hope to stay in touch,



PS Here is abstract of my long term project on food and beverage  
hacking, code name Chihiro


Cultural heritages of human societies around the world include sets of
traditional techniques for cultured food and beverages preparations the
consumption of which was part of everyday life. Documentation and analysis
of these techniques can result in deeper understanding of the relationships
of the local communities and their environments that has allowed them to
live in these locations for many generations. This project discovers and
distinguishes key functional elements of these relationships to promote
hacking them. This can result in more efficient and environmentally friendly
food and beverage culturing approaches combining traditional wisdom with
today's scientific understanding and technology. Open source practices will
facilitate promotion of these newly developed approaches and techniques in
various communities around the world, improving their sustainability and
decreasing their impact on the environment.

Key words: food culturing; beverage culturing; food hacking; beverage
hacking; traditional societies; sustainable development; local communities;
open source

PS II. The last order

Order 12/05/2010

2x gunpowder tea 	($14.58)
2x earl grey tea 	($15.83)
2x hibiscus 		($9.55)
4 Qt of honey 		($5.40)
1x sugar (25 lb) 	($28.84)

total = $130.36

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