[Tastebridge] shooting at Noisebridge, next Tuesday

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Dear Rikke,

Thanks for your reply and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday! Have a great trip, Frantisek!



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Hello Jenny and fellow Tastebridgers,

As far as I know, we'll be making pizzas on Tuesday - and as Frantisek says, documentation is always useful. I assume that either myself or Fabian will be in charge of the Noisekitchen and running the cooking class - personally plan to show up around 3:30-4 pm to start preparations. Hope to see you all there!


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Hi Jenny,
I'm sending this message again because it did not go through for whatever reason. I think that shooting of Tastebridge is great idea, it would help a lot with promotion. I'm however leaving for Europe today, staying there for few months. I've copied other Tastebridgers and I've posted this email on the Tastebridge discussion list so they should get back to you soon.

Have a great time and I'm looking forward to see the art work later on, I would love to use it for the promotion of the movement when I travel (with your name/company quoted).



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Dear Frantisek,

My name is Jenny Oh, and I?m an Associate Media Producer with KQED. I met you
several weeks ago when I was scouting out the space for a story that we?re
producing on Noisebridge. We?d love to shoot some footage this upcoming Tuesday
of Tastebridge; would that be all right with you, and could you let me know what
you?ll be making?



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