[Tastebridge] Honey Cooler: What I found out.

TeeTrizZz info at leyenhaft.de
Fri Dec 10 22:50:01 UTC 2010

I took the two honey coolers and filled part of it into the large bottles. 
Then I shaked them to remove all the bubbles. After filling them into the 
measuring cylinder I checked the specific gravity:

honey cooler 1: 1024 [brix/balling: 6.5%]
honey cooler 2: 1030 [brix/balling: 8.0%]

That means we have a difference of 1.5% sugar. Miloh and another guy tasted 
it and both prefered the one with less sugar (me too). I'm going to 
pasteurize one part of the honey cooler with less sugar. We can use it to 
compare with the honey cooler in a few days.


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