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Wed Dec 15 06:19:38 UTC 2010

Hi to All!
First I would like to thank Fabian for the energy and time which he
puts in to make this happen.

He is absolutely right, this is not two people job. I would recommend
at least 4 people on the team. Please check with Jim and Miloh if
there would be some transportation obtion, that would help incredibly.
Second is to have at least two people on the stand and any time
because it is going to be quite crazy. I would say three would be way
better and it's alo so much more fun.

Now if this comes through:

1) we will rich out to enormous amount of people telling them about
Noiesbridge as an open platform/incubator not just for hi-tech people
but for food and beverage enthusiast

2) people involved in this will learn how to prepare for event like
this and how to sell and market they product. This is very important
skill in comercialization of products and crucial point in being able
to "live from what you do". Basically it is closing the loop of this
type of green collar job, from starting as hobby at Noisebridge or at
home to getting your living from your activity.

3) if we make it for this one, we will get decent cash in to our
budget, that which is important to keep us going.

I'll support this event by creating the wiki page about our previous
activities and I'll try to send you our old invitation flier which we
made for the first market - cooking clasess, brewing classes and 5 min
of fame invitation (we need date of January 5 min of fame event). It
will be done tomorrow (Wednesday).

What we do is very important. Tastebrige was in the last half year one
of the most active groups in the place and I would say the one which
is maybe going most "out there" and talking to the people. If done
right, interested people may be able to get their skill set to produce
food or beverages at Tastebridge within half year or so on a "part
time" bases. With investing minimum of financial resources they will
be ready at the end of this period to get either job as I did as
master brewer or go and do it by them selfs with having solid bases of
whole process from the theoretical knowledge to production and sale
(accounting, promotion and etc.).

I wish you best of luck,



PS I'm now getting in probiotic food and beverage movement in my
country and looks intersting, I'll keep you up dated.

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I haven't registered for the Unterground Market, yet. I need to know who
gonna help otherwise it's going to be too dificult. Only Rosanna and me?


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