[Tastebridge] Brewing Class, Dec. 15

TeeTrizZz info at leyenhaft.de
Thu Dec 16 08:27:10 UTC 2010

As everyone seems to be quite busy I was the one and only who took part in 
brewing class today. I stood like five and an half hour in the kitchen 
botteling the kombucha and honey cooler. We have now:

36 bottles of gunpowder kombucha (golden bottle cap)
36 bottles of earl grey kombucha (black bottle cap)
12 bottles of honey cooler (golden bottle cap with "H")

I added sugar or honey to make them a lot sweeter. I guess in two or three 
days they will be perfect.

The SCOBY grew and has a new thin skin. Be careful when using it - the skin 
could be destroyed.


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