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Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 21:03:32 UTC 2010

Fabian and I had a discussion about labels yesterday.
The noisebridge brewery business could be very self-sustaining if people 
knew how to get more.

Might be a good idea to roll some of those profits from yesterday into 
labels and a domain name for the brew.
10 bucks for a domain name and 10 bucks for a box of labels.
Then people could order all they want online after buying their first 
batch at the underground market.

As for videos, this gets back to our noisebridge video digitizing plan.
We really should get started on that immediately.
I have a month before school starts again and can work on that basically 

We really just need a computer to use.


On 12/19/2010 12:57 PM, miloh wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 10:57 AM, Rosanna Yau<rosanna.yau at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> I don't know when the next one is. I know there's one in Oakland
>> today: http://foragesf.com/
>> Yesterday's event was the best yet. People really liked the early gray and
>> gunpowder kombuchas, especially the earl gray. A lot of customers said that
>> they liked that the kombucha wasn't as harsh as other ones that they've had.
>> Some people drank their bottle at the event and even returned the bottle to
>> us, which was nice.
>> A few mentioned they always wanted to try making kombucha, but never knew
>> where to buy the scoby.We gave away scobys to at least 5-7 people, all which
>> have not made their own kombucha before and were asking about how to start
>> and if we have instructions on the site. I think it would be nice to either
>> have printouts or an easy way for them to get to the instructions on the
>> website...maybe like a start here page or something? I think for the average
>> person might have a hard time navigating through the site, so we can also
>> just have some printouts with the url to that page. Also, what do you guys
>> think about making a how-to video? I think that could be really helpful for
>> people to see someone else doing it and nice for Tastebridge to have.
>> We also didn't have any plastic bags for them to take it hope with them, so
>> we ended up using cups...so maybe next time we should remember to bring
>> something to put it in.
>> I think for next time, we should have our
>> hand-cranked-musical-conveyer-belt-toaster-oven made by then, right,
>> Fabian??? I might be kind of cool to make something to compliment the food
>> that we're serving and to show what you can do at Tastebridge and
>> Noisebridge.
>> Thoughts?
> Musical conveyer belt toaster oven?
> Exactly.
> Sounds like we need to get a label.   I have been thinking about
> labels a long time.  Not just labelling the noisey kobumcha but giving
> people a way of reporting back about their drink that's useful or fun.
>   kind of like the tcho beta testers program and kind of like a sudo
> pop QRcode system, or the funny labels on the drinks at Toy Boat cafe.
> If you want to make a how-to video, there are lots of kombucha videos
> on youtube to check out for ideas to get  and include..
> -rma
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