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Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 21:52:28 UTC 2010

Somebody get creative and come up with a good name we can put on the 
labels and use as a domain name.

I use namecheap.com for my domain name registrations:

They are 10 dollars a domain name.
I've used them for years.

If somebody will register the domain name, I will create a decent 
ecommerce site for free.
We probably can get the go-ahead to host the web site on the noisebridge 
servers, too.


On 12/19/2010 1:45 PM, algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org wrote:
> Hi to All!
> Great success, congratulations!
> I've file with the manual for kombucha ready I prepared it before for
> the classes. I just need to improve it a bit and up load it to our web
> page, it would be great if you could go through it and tune it. I may
> not have enough time to do all the photo documentation immediately.
> We have made a video of honey cooler preparation which Ricky and her
> husband before I left. I'll play with that a bit in the next few days
> and I'll share it. To make a video of kombucha preparation should be
> fun, check some of the Sandor Katz videos on youtube.
> Now the bigger picture. I believe that food preparation and brewing at
> Tastebridge is "commercially viable". My idea of Tastebridge and brewing
> there is:
> - experimental brewing - do what others do not dare and share the
> results/knowledge
> - teaching people brewing - the way how to brew rather than just a
> recipes and manuals
> - produce and sell the product - give a chance to the people to do the
> whole cycle from the production to the selling the product, with all the
> promotion, labelling, trouble shooting etc. involved
> Based on these principles we can help a lot to the slow food movement
> and it's proliferation because Noisebridge is an optimal platform for
> the people to try brewing before going private and doing all the
> business by themselves without any experience. Tastebridge is
> functioning partly as an incubator like Noisebridge of course.
> Concerning the labels - you can get really cheap sheets of blank labels
> for the tops of the bottles like Three Stone Hearths have. The advantage
> is that you do not have to worry about the glue being to strong and hard
> to get rid of from the glass. I'll ask my colleague at TSH to send me a
> template for Earl Grey and I'll resend it to you in next few days. There
> may be more easy ways but this one works quite fine, you can print the
> labels at any printer and it's quite cheep. The only trouble is to make
> the new template. That is quite a bit of pain and if you could help to
> sort this out somehow that would be great!
> Just concerning the online store - great idea I wonder what the legal
> tax/health legislation is. It may be tricky like the alcohol at
> Noisebridge.
> By the way we have had in the past just a zip bags with us at the
> markets so people could get their SCOBYs in them. There should be now
> the cellulose based compostable zip bags around the bay area.
> Well I'll get back to you soon, have a great time and best of luck with
> your activities. I'm now working on creating another Tastebridge in
> Czech Republic, it looks good!
> Sincerely,
> Frantisek
> PS I've brewed a new batch of kombucha in Roiboss (with bit of herbal
> infusion). It was very tasty! However the SCOBY did not grew as well as
> in black tea, but it was OK.
> Quoting Patrick Keys <citizenkeys at gmail.com>:
>> Fabian and I had a discussion about labels yesterday.
>> The noisebridge brewery business could be very self-sustaining if people
>> knew how to get more.
>> Might be a good idea to roll some of those profits from yesterday into
>> labels and a domain name for the brew.
>> 10 bucks for a domain name and 10 bucks for a box of labels.
>> Then people could order all they want online after buying their first
>> batch at the underground market.
>> Miloh...
>> As for videos, this gets back to our noisebridge video digitizing plan.
>> We really should get started on that immediately.
>> I have a month before school starts again and can work on that basically
>> full-time.
>> We really just need a computer to use.
>> Patrick
>> On 12/19/2010 12:57 PM, miloh wrote:
>>> On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 10:57 AM, Rosanna Yau<rosanna.yau at gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>> I don't know when the next one is. I know there's one in Oakland
>>>> today: http://foragesf.com/
>>>> Yesterday's event was the best yet. People really liked the early
>>>> gray and
>>>> gunpowder kombuchas, especially the earl gray. A lot of customers
>>>> said that
>>>> they liked that the kombucha wasn't as harsh as other ones that
>>>> they've had.
>>>> Some people drank their bottle at the event and even returned the
>>>> bottle to
>>>> us, which was nice.
>>>> A few mentioned they always wanted to try making kombucha, but never
>>>> knew
>>>> where to buy the scoby.We gave away scobys to at least 5-7 people,
>>>> all which
>>>> have not made their own kombucha before and were asking about how to
>>>> start
>>>> and if we have instructions on the site. I think it would be nice to
>>>> either
>>>> have printouts or an easy way for them to get to the instructions on
>>>> the
>>>> website...maybe like a start here page or something? I think for the
>>>> average
>>>> person might have a hard time navigating through the site, so we can
>>>> also
>>>> just have some printouts with the url to that page. Also, what do
>>>> you guys
>>>> think about making a how-to video? I think that could be really
>>>> helpful for
>>>> people to see someone else doing it and nice for Tastebridge to have.
>>>> We also didn't have any plastic bags for them to take it hope with
>>>> them, so
>>>> we ended up using cups...so maybe next time we should remember to bring
>>>> something to put it in.
>>>> I think for next time, we should have our
>>>> hand-cranked-musical-conveyer-belt-toaster-oven made by then, right,
>>>> Fabian??? I might be kind of cool to make something to compliment
>>>> the food
>>>> that we're serving and to show what you can do at Tastebridge and
>>>> Noisebridge.
>>>> Thoughts?
>>> Musical conveyer belt toaster oven?
>>> Exactly.
>>> Sounds like we need to get a label. I have been thinking about
>>> labels a long time. Not just labelling the noisey kobumcha but giving
>>> people a way of reporting back about their drink that's useful or fun.
>>> kind of like the tcho beta testers program and kind of like a sudo
>>> pop QRcode system, or the funny labels on the drinks at Toy Boat cafe.
>>> If you want to make a how-to video, there are lots of kombucha videos
>>> on youtube to check out for ideas to get and include..
>>> -rma
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