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miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 19:15:44 UTC 2010

I've been taking the trash out on Mondays at Noisebridge for over a
year now.  Sometimes I've begged people to do it or help out because I
was so sick of it, and it's been great to see folks help out when they

In addition to regular waste duty, I've taken care of lots of dirty
shop and build out waste.  I've been cutting crap scrap small enough
to fit into the landfill bins, or taking numerous large loads to the
Tunnel road transfer station when I had a pickup truck.   It's become
normal to take out bins that get filled up and forgotten in a corner,
or that get filled up with wood scraps that other people don't want to
go through the trouble of fitting into the landfill bin.  In addition,
I clean up after people who plain forget to clean up after themselves,
they don't even bother throwing their trash away.

I'm not partial to getting more bins at Noisebridge, I'm partial to
getting more people who are willing to take out the trash, and to
tactfully call on people to clean up after themselves.

It's possible things are getting better, since supporters went out and
bought a bunch of new bins about 6-8 months ago, but from my
experience any new material or handling process at Noisebridge needs
time commitments from people more than money or materials.  A 6-12
month commitment by a hands-on group of people is what will separate
the compost out at Noisebridge.

Now that I wrote that, here's a solution:

There's a dumptruck loadable compost bin for Mi Ranchita downstairs.
It sits on the sidewalk late at night during the week, and its pretty
obvious so I'm a little surprised no one brought it up yet.  Maybe a
lot of the folks having the discussion here aren't the ones taking out
the trash?

Anyway, I'll ask the nice folks at Mi Ranchita if we can add a small
amount of compost there and keep it out of Noisebridge.  That's a
powerful compromise that should improve our trash handling capacity,
but it will still require PEOPLE to work day to day to implement.


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