[Tastebridge] Yuca Bread anyone?

Rosanna Yau info at rosannayau.com
Mon Dec 20 23:32:58 UTC 2010

> oooh Thanks for the reminder.  Are there any other plans for Tuesday
> dinner?
> Yucca bread sounds great.  I have a lot of love for yuca [aka cassava,
> katela pohon/ ubi kayu, manioc, mandioca], steamed, fermented (ragi
> tape), dried into tapioca balls, or grated and cooked into cake...
> How about we keep a simple menu with yuca bread and a big pot of dal
> for tastebridge cooking class and the Noisemeeting.
> Regardless, Lets finalize a menu ASAP so it can be sent along to
> Noisebridge-Discuss.
> -rma
> p.s.
> I made 4 gallons of kiwi marmalade, persimmon lemon jam, and
> pomegranate jelly on the weekend, I'll bring some in to have with
> bread or whatever.

Hey guys,
This isn't really a dish, but it can be incorporated into baked goods
(perhaps we can try adding some to one of the loaves of yuca
bread?)...anyways, if anyone is interested, I can bring some cleaned and
washed crickets and mealworms I have in my freezer and show you how to make
insect flour (ground up insect). You can add insect flour to pretty much any
recipe for flavor, texture and nutrients. The mealworms have a kind of nutty
flavor and the crickets a little shrimpy. Sorry I don't have any live
insects, otherwise I would show you how to prep them from beginning to end.
Maybe we can do the live ones next time.


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