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Sean Cusack sean.p.cusack at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 09:29:57 UTC 2010

All (for those that aren't on -discuss) -

I've received a ton of requests to teach people how to distill. So, now
we're going to do it :). I've got a sweet 20L glass still that we'll be
using for this. Its great for teaching since you can see everything that is
happening, and thus control is much much simpler than those ones you see in
the 'shiners backyards. A basic outline of what I'm planning on teaching in
the class is as follows:

   - Overview of what distilling is, what it does, and why it works
   - Things you can distill, and what you can expect out of the other side
   - Intro to the still, and why thermodynamics are your friend...even if
   you don't know what those are yet.
   - Post- and pre- processing operations, and why your really do need to do
   them (a.k.a. Brita filters are useful)
   - And of course...hands on use of the still, and a chance to try the
   fruits of your labor!

Vote for your favorite date for the class at the following wiki page:

A quick note on legality. The short answer is - *yes*. Owning and operating
a still is legal in CA. Part 23367 of the ABC code allows for this. There
are lots of things you can make in a still - like distilled water, or oil
extracts...so yes, there has to be a provision to allow people to own and
operate their own distilling equipment for these reasons. Full text of the
current ABC code can be found here:

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