[Tastebridge] 5 min of fame - cool!

algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org
Fri Jul 16 08:00:20 UTC 2010

Greetings to All!
The presentation went fine and food preparation was cool, people  
really liked the food and drinks. Unfortunately there were not so many  
people because of the conferences around so we have ended up with  
enormous surplus of food which should be eaten asap. I'm going to make  
a lunch and dinner on Saturday and probably on Sunday to get rid of it  
and get more cash in. The good news is, that we have ended in surplus  
(just $3,  but plus).

Well I hope that the next time we will be there as a group, it would  
be even more fun, I was bit too busy and did not have enough time to  
present, not mentioning that I could not say too much about the  
incubator project because of my "unexperience".

Have a great time, thanks for support,

See you soon,


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