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Mark G Sobell marksobell at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 14:26:27 UTC 2010

I will see what we have on Thursday and let you know. Probably pluots
if anything.


On Oct 5, 2010, at 11:14 PM, algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org wrote:

> Hi to All!
> The cooking class was fun, I've hacked some new recipes with help of
> others. I'll update the webpage when there is someone willing to help
> around, hopefully tomorrow.
> Tomorrow is also a brewing class which will be more coordinated than
> the ones before. I'm looking for two persons who would like to help
> with the workshop on Saturday 10/9 at Oakland Underground market. I
> would like to be presenting our activities and two of the Tatebridgers
> will in the meanwhile brew two different drinks.
> I hope to have the logistic sorted by tomorrow. Sam is in for the help
> with the earlier part of the vending etc. who is going to be brave for
> later on? Preparations are on already. I would like to plan how to use
> this event for maximal promotion/cash gain for our activities.
> I've made a "crucial deal" today. I've managed to get source of
> highest quality produce for our activities. I've got already 50 lb of
> organic sugar cane sugar, 1 lb of dried hibiscus, 1 lb of gun powder
> green tea and tow Concord Grape Juice Concentrates with more or less
> 40% discount compared to the usual market price!!! :-))) All organic.
> Mark by the way do you think that we can get some free or cheap
> produce from farmers market this Thursday? It would be very handy for
> the Saturday event and it would be really cool challenge to get
> whatever we can and turn it within 24-48 hours in to a commercial bomb!
> Thanks to everyone for help with recent endeavors,
> Talk to you soon,
> Frantisek
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