[Tastebridge] I know whot it was

algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org
Mon Oct 11 15:53:58 UTC 2010

Hi Chris,
The big one should be still sitting at the spot. The small one was  
drunk and I was present as a culprit. I'm really sorry for that.

Do you think that we could do another alternative batch together with  
Tastebridge covering it? However Chris we would have to label  
everything very clearly that it is not ready to be drunk and in this  
case I believe it has to be moved out of sight.

Let me know what do you think and accept once more my apologies. I  
would be really sad if thinks like that could not be done at  
Tastebridge because it is very interesting experiment.


Quoting Christopher Lincoln <cclinco at gmail.com>:

> Does anybody know what happen to my latest batch of raspberry liqueur?  I
> had 2 jars of it, one large, and one small.  It looks like the large one was
> opened and tasted, and the small one was completely consumed.  Neither of
> these were ready for consumption (they needed to sit for several more
> months).  It's very disappointing to lose this years batch (and the money I
> invested in it) and I'd like to know why (or at least if I can trust stuff
> at Noisebridge) If nobody in tastebridge knows what happen I'll open it up
> to noisebridge disscuss.
> Christopher

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