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I don't know if Carl actually wanted to send this to tastebridge's or to


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hey Frengeshek/tastebridge (hope I spelled that right)
a wok was left out with some rotting food in it that made the space smell
really bad, (I have washed it) although it sucks when this happens shit
happens and I understand that, and trust me I appreciate it when tastebridge
makes us all food. but it would be appreciated if in the future that food be
at least put in the fridge or covered as to not pollute the space once it
has turned, plans to either clean dishes/pots and pans or get them cleaned
prior to leaving the space may also be useful. again I am not trying to make
waves and I have no problem washing dishes when its needed, I just didn't
much appreciate the smell wafting up as far as the couches. thanks again
tasebridge for the awesome (in most cases) eats!

Carl Sue
theabcasian at mac.com
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