[Tastebridge] caffeine free probiotic drinks from tomorrow on

algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org
Thu Oct 14 16:30:00 UTC 2010

 From tomorrow on we are again going to have supply of caffeine free  
hibiscus kombucha and newly probiotic drink called cooler which is  
based on anaerobic fermentation of honey by life yogurt cultures. The  
small bottle of drinks are the same price as sodas $2 however the  
donations go to the Tastebridge dedicated buckets. Price the bigger  
bottles accordingly to their volume. The drinks live in  
Tastebridge/Food fridge and drink refrigerator and they are going to  
be clearly labeled as caffeine free. Please enjoy it and if you like  
it come to the Wednesdays Brewing Classes from 6 pm to learn how to  
brew it!



PS I I appreciate any feedback on the drinks and donations connected  
PS II. We have also a new very strong mate kombucha and regular  
gunpowder kombucha

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