[Tastebridge] hands on the deck - tomorrow 5 min of fame preparations

algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org
Wed Oct 20 23:27:42 UTC 2010

Hi to All!
Tomorrow we have 5 min of fame again. The event is wonderful  
opportunity to enjoy a really great people from Noisebridge and  
around. We will present ourselves through a kombucha and honey coolers  
tasting, various dishes which we prepare and also through a  

I would like to invite everyone for the event. If you are fine with  
giving a hand with preparations ahead and during the 5 min of fame,  
that would be great! I'll be working on the food preparations latest 3  
pm on wards. If you know that you are coming please let me know  
otherwise just pop in.

I hope to see you all there,



PS I've got a very interesting drink to sample for today's brewing  
class - water kefir coconut cooler. I'm really interested in the  
flavor, the health properties should be great.

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