[Tastebridge] Invitation: Cultured food and beverages workshop @ Sat Nov 6 11am - 6pm (tastebridge at lists.noisebridge.net)

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Tue Oct 26 20:05:56 UTC 2010

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Title: Cultured food and beverages workshop
This event is going to be focused on preparation of fermented food and  
beverages and on build up of a theoretical knowledge of fermentations in  
general. It is a part of preparation for the intensive food and beverage  
culturing course which is happening between 1-15 of December at Noisebridge.
When: Sat Nov 6 11am – 6pm Pacific Time
Where: Noisebridge, back area around kitchen
Calendar: tastebridge at lists.noisebridge.net
     * Algoldor Algoldor - organizer
     * info at threestonehearth.com
     * tastebridge at lists.noisebridge.net

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