[Tastebridge] Monday 9/6 meeting, 6 pm - all topics as before + incubator

algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org
Sat Sep 4 16:43:57 UTC 2010

Hi to All and Rameen in particular :-))
I'm just about hitting my "free day". I'm happy to tell you that  
Tastebridge meeting is on Monday 9/6 at 6 pm with up coming Circuit  
Hacking Monday session devoted to incubator hacking (at least I will  
be devoted :-)). Glen is a bit crazy at his work and I believe that  
Mario is on his business journey but he may be back by then, we will  
see. Anyway he is ready to continue, which I'm very glad to hear. I  
did more checking and thinking about our project goals and what is  
happening "out there" and I want to take this project all the way to  
the open source based license/patent, it is brake through thing. Based  
on my experience and expertise there is nothing like that used in  
practice, not even at common laboratory scale and I do not know about  
anything like that as a theoretical concept. I'm not surprised and on  
Monday I'll explain why.

I'll be in touch, we will take it now by smaller steps because I'll  
have to be able to fallow, in other words I need to learn and be able  
to repeat/teach whatever we do. I started to take arduino classes and  
circuit hacking Monday classes. I've also wrote research proposal for  
my personal project with time line of several years. This project  
includes the development of sophisticated incubator as one of the  
crucial technical parts. I'm working on business plan.

Thanks for your enthusiasm,
talk to you soon,


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