[Tastebridge] tastebridge meeting notes + recipe for Rypl

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Tue Sep 7 06:39:06 UTC 2010

Tastebridge Meeting Notes 06/09/2010

1) meeting
2) incubator
3) brewing workshop/program

1) Tastebridge general group meeting will be held on Monday's at 6 pm  
at Noisebridge

2) In the first incubator prototype we will introduce a concept of  
controlled temperature environment of conastant temperature which will  
be controlled by arduino microcontroller. The thermistor will read the  
temperature and control the heating element. The temperature readings  
will be read by the computer and stored.

3) The brewing workshop/program will start within 10 days and will be  
on going for several months. It will be happening weekly, time will be  
discussed and set this week.

4) The cooking classes on Tuesdays afternoon will be continuing,  
generally starting between 4-5 until 7 pm. They will be announced few  
days in advance, help would be appreciated.

Meeting closed at 8:30 pm, we started to work on the arduino  
microcontroller system with help of Circuit Hacking Mondays class.

Recipe (recept)

Rypl ? Czech Regional Peasant Meal

2 lb of potatoes
1 TB of salt
1/2 c of whole wheat flour (or plain)
optional ? smoked paprika, grounded black pepper

1) Clean wash the potatoes and grade them in to the bowl.
2) Prepare a baking pan and cover with the parchment paper and switch  
on the oven to 350F.
3) Add the salt and flour in to the potatoes and mix well.
4) Gently sprinkle the potatoes in to a thin layer with empty spaces  
in between.
5) Transfer the baking pan in to the oven and let to roast for  
approximately 40 minutes. Check for nice crispy edges.
6) When ready take out from the oven and serve hot or cold, goes well  
with smoked pork meat.

Enjoy the simple traditional taste of this Czech dish.

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