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That'd be awesome!  Thanks!
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I'd like us to help fill the gap - how would everyone feel about giving $20 of the Tastebridge funds to Mitch for the billboard?
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Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge billboard funding a bit shy of goal

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Thanks to everyone who pledged to make these billboards a reality! I'm still $180 short of the $1000 I need to pay for Noisebridge's part of the billboard.  Anyone care to donate some or all of this amount?  If so, please send to my PayPal account, and it will be much appreciated!     maltman23 at hotmail.com I went by two of the billboards last night, and took photos (bigger than that tinsy I sent out before), but with my phone, so they aren't very good -- but I'm attaching the photos anyhow. Best,Mitch.

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Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge billboards are up!!

There are 3 humongous billboards up in San Francisco to promote hacker culture!!
Here's the locations:

     Geary Blvd & Spruce
          So. Van Ness & 15th St.
          10th St. & Howard

Sponsored and paid for by Noisebridge, Hacker Dojo, MAKE Magazine, The Tech Museum, and TechShop.
Next time you pass one of these areas, you'll see the Noisebridge logo on a huge billboard!


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