[Tastebridge] My last week in the US

TeeTrizZz info at leyenhaft.de
Sun Jan 2 22:14:55 UTC 2011

I and Benny will leave tomorrow for a tour through California and Nevada.
That means probably that today is our last day at Noisebridge. We don't know
if we'll have any more spare time after our trip as we have to leave the
country on January, 10th.

With this e-mail I want to thank everyone who made my vacation here in San
Francisco as special as it was. It was a great experience and I'll miss San
Francisco as well as Noisebridge. I know that this will not be the last time
here but I don't know yet when I can come again.

Thank you Paul for helping me with my biography and the subtitles.
Thank you Paul and Claudia for baking a cake on my birthday.
Thank you Mike for a lot of useful tips on building stuff.
Thank you Frantisek for showing me how to brew Kombucha.
Thank you Robert for showing me the city at night.
Thank you Rosanna for helping us selling the Kombucha.
Thank you Miloh for helping me with brewing the Kombucha.

Of course there are a lot more people I have to thank but I guess the list
would get too long here. So one 'Thank you!' to anyone I had a really great
time with.

I have some things here I won't need anymore so I want to give them away for
a little donation to cover my costs. Feel free to contact me if you want
something. I can give you my PayPal account address then.

> 23 blank DVD-R
> 150 sheets wide ruled notebook paper 10.5" x 8" [UNUSED]
> 23 Ready Post security envelopes
> 4 drinking cups (plastic), 2x green, 2x blue
> 4 tablespoons
> asian chili garlic sauce (almost completely full)
> pack of dried lemon grass
> potatoe buds mashed potatoes, about 14 servings left
> an unused pack of frosted mint wheats
> half a bottle of AJAX lemon dish liquid
> around 3.5lb of fine granulated sugar
> around 1lb of corn starch
> almost full bottle of sauce de poisson (fish sauce)
> around 1 fl oz of vanilla extract
> around 1lb of flour
> almost 1lb of cane sugar

Have a great time everyone!


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