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Kathryn Storm kathryn at kathrynstorm.com
Tue Jan 11 15:57:00 UTC 2011

I meant to reply earlier but I'll be by tonight making vegan bagels. There's usually a high-yield and it's relatively easy and inexpensive. I thought this might be a fun way for me to share tonight.

As I mentioned eons ago, I was interested in doing a once a month vegan hacking class following Wednesday's brewing. I'm aiming for the 26th but would love to come share tonight just to hang out and get to know some more Tastebridgers. 

I'm off around 6p so I'll see some of you around then.


On Jan 9, 2011, at 2:38 PM, miloh <froggytoad at gmail.com> wrote:

> Kathryn asked about a schedule and I didn't forget...  We should do a
> schedule every week as early as possible...  I'll do it this time
> since I'm prepping so much for the upcoming market.  I'll rundown a
> current status first:
> 1.  TASTEBRIDGE STATUS: (each project has its own alarming all-caps header)
> COOKING ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY:  We've had cooking classes and
> events at Noisebridge before, hackers love to eat, who knew?  The food
> and materials cost money though and there isn't much of that to go
> around right now (as far as I can see).  Either donations were made
> that supported the cost of cooked materials and some future kitchen
> materials or Tastebridge supported the Tuesday night food hacking and
> social dinner.
> I'm not down with cooking on Tuesdays if everyone keeps bringing yummy
> food from all around the Mission district instead.  There's a waste
> component that I want to avoid by having a little more advance
> scheduling, collaborative menu planning, and response or involvement
> from the would-be consumers of said food.   What about rolling out a
> monthly first Tuesday social open-house dinner for Noisebridge
> Newbies?  What about making that dinner highlight some food culture or
> food hacking ideas or projects?
> Wednesdays are difficult too.  We've got a lot of stuff on our plate
> to play with.  I try to keep brewing Kombucha regularly for to
> Noisebridge (far superior to Club Mate by my cultured taste buds) but
> I don't think it  needs to be a regular class.  If it's open to newbs
> great, but we need to get the brewing done STAT and get on with our
> lives.  Every month we can have a publicly announced Kombucha workshop
> (at least until Frantisek comes and scolds me in person for saying
> this), until then, if you're down for fast paced Kombucha brew and
> Kombucha flavor/bottle sessions, come and take part when its
> announced.  Let's grant 2 six packs for everyone helping out for any
> Kombucha-combine.
> I propose Wednesday become the general tastebridge rotating venue for
> discussions on vegan cooking, all the ferments, distillation,
> sous-vide, and anything else that I missed or that others bring to the
> table.  Who wants to be first?  I know folks want to work on brewing
> sous-vide vegan beer, right? Whatever, lets get this schedule worked
> out for the months ahead, then try to keep scheduling and announcing
> what's coming up on the Noisebridge wiki, noisebridge-announce,
> noisebridge-discuss, and whatever other drama-pr assets one uses to
> get folks to come to hackerpace food hackery sessions.
> KOMBUCHA:  we have ~72L of Kombucha fermenting at Noisebridge in
> 4x18.9L buckets.  It's ~55F/12.8C  in there, go keep it company and
> read it a book to raise the ambient temperature...  The goal is to
> brew a solid ~192 bottle batch* to take to SF Underground market for
> Tastebridge group seed money.  The funds will first cover the costs of
> supplies for Tastebridge, with excess split between Noisebridge and
> Tastebridge savings for future events and supplies.  I would love to
> do this enough to shows'em how its done, like pay the Noisebridge
> utiliity bill.  How's that sound?
> *18L per bucket - 1L for proportional flavor testing = 17L to bottle
> with flavor = ~48 bottles * 4 =  192 bottles
> BEER:  We have everything needed to brew partial or full mash beer (we
> have a hand crank mill, apparently its easy to use with a DeWalt )
> except the GRAIN and HOPS and YEAST.  Serious.  We have carboys.  We
> have kegs. We can rack it, drain it, pump it, and stack it.  We have
> buckets and bottles and cappers and caps.  We have CO2 if you can't
> wait but we can put it in the dark under the DJ booth/Autonomous zone
> and condition it there.  Just don't forget to label and post here all
> that you do!
> GENERAL UPDATES:  I've got some digital thermometers and I'll be
> starting to connect to my zigbees on Monday during circuit hacking,
> these will go up in the kitchen and provide some datapoints for
> whatever we need..  Lets ask Ben Kochie to show off his home-made sous
> vide sometime before January is over.  A big honking water filter
> would be nice, Sean do you have any advice on big honking water
> filters?  We need a sputtering tool so I can metalize our friend
> lactobacillus acidophilus and look at it in the scanning electron
> microscope.  It would be great to learn about the state of Aflatoxin
> tests in the food saftey industry, local and worldwide.  Finally it
> would be nice to get pH strips for testing any brews in some point in
> the future (maybe that's easier than the some of the above).
> 2.  SCHEDULE for the week:
> MON:  DAYTIME (yes Virginia, the daytime)  I need to work on Kombucha
> label designs.  We're going to keep this batch simple with a simple
> name/flavor label and a postage stamp sized qr/numerical code, 2
> labels each pasted across from each other on the bottle.  We aren't
> using stickers because they don't remove as easily as lightweight
> paper and water soluble gluestick glue.  The labels are short and
> sweet and people are meant to go online to tell&get the story of their
> bottle.  The get part is fun for the consumer, the tell part is useful
> for the producer.  That's right folks, it's a social networking
> beverage.
> TUE: more label setup and prep.  No plans for cooking a Tuesday social
> dinner at Noisebridge unless someone takes the helm for this day.  I
> will be hopefully exploring the SF techshop to see if I can get a
> Tastebridge Kombucha sign made!
> WED:   Grab a session!  Get your session on! (tell the wiki, this list
> and the other mailing lists, your friends, etc)  [more techshop for
> me]
> THU: Flavor and bottle priming at Noisebridge starting at 6PM.  I hope
> the cultures are ready by then!
> FRI:  Bottle priming potentially ends at midnight.  Work & planning
> party until then? start writing the Tastebridge 'manifesto of the now
> or the next 6 months'?
> SAT:  End the bottle priming at the early AM if not already, head to
> 14th street for the market (so close, we're taking the shopping cart
> and walking!)
> Please chime in if you want to add or refine the schedule or status
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