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I'm not sure I've seen the sinks not filled with dirty dishes more
times than I can count on one hand in the last several months. This is
kind of a tricky problem to solve, and I thought once the dishwasher
got set up it would abate a little, but it hasn't. It's a standard
"tragedy of the commons" problem: everyone has incentive to use the
dishes but nobody has as much incentive to keep them clean.

I've given it some thought, and I think the only long-term solution is
to move the dirty dishes from the sink to the dishwasher, wash them,
then put them in a box and drop them off at Thrift Town (about a block
from Noisebridge). We can then switch to disposable plateware if we
run out of dishes (which are a lot easier to clean up).

I'll volunteer to do this.

>>> Please do not read below <<<

Chore wheels and constant reminders won't work in the long-term or for
our particular space (there's too many people.) Elaborate technical
fixes that we can invent aren't practical. Appointing or even hiring
someone(s) to keep the sink cleared isn't something anyone wants to
sign up for or we can really afford over the long-term.

And the Thrift Town solution regulates itself nicely; if people care
enough about having dishes over paper plates they'll stick around, if
not, we'll have fewer dishes that need to be taken care of and it
becomes easier to keep them clean.

I've thought it through, but if anyone has solutions that are
long-term, practical, and cost-effective then email this thread. I'll
post a sign about this policy in the kitchen for people who aren't on
the mailing list.


Hi to All!
I appreciate that this was brought up to discussion but I strongly  
disagree with the solution and I've
not seen this post on Tastebridge discussion list were it certainly  
belongs - the are not culprits but
stewards of the place. Dishes has to be cleaned on regular basis, it  
was managed before it can be
managed again. It is not easy but possible and also necessary.

Getting rid of the dishes will cause sever problems to the Tastebridge  
which is currently
one of the most active groups in the space and one of the few which is  
promoting Noisebridge
"out there" on regular bases. Switching for disposable dishes is not  
ecological and it will just not do.
Kitchen without dishes is basically not a kitchen. Do not forget that  
to buy knew ones, which would
happen sooner than later you spend a lots of money. It's like  
suggesting getting rid of soldering irons
in an electronic lab which is certainly sometimes dirty and it is not  
after the Monday classes, quite the
contrary, it's quite shining and the same applies most of the time  
when the kitchen is used for
cooking and brewing classes.

I will post on the Tastebridge mailing list this email knowing however  
that it's the Tastebridge people
who in a long term keep the kitchen in a working order. However I'm  
sure that they will try to find the
solution even if it takes some time. It may be, that we have  
accumulated too many dishes but it is people
who use the kitchen on regular bases and have a proper manners to  
decide what is worthy and what is
not because they have quite good idea. People who do not use the  
kitchen and do not know what is
important for the classes, five minutes of fame dinners, underground  
markets etc. should step back and
leave it on the ones who are involved in activities above to work on it.

I hope that this situation will be sort out, so please try to come up  
with reasonably working solutions
because as a chef and brewer you have to have proper dishes in the  
kitchen, it is as it is.



PS Based on the logic above we should close both bathrooms because  
they are also quite dirty
quite often.

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