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Wed Jun 1 12:29:20 UTC 2011

I've just posted this one to keep us up to date and in memory :-))

Can not wait for the post about the corn dogs workshop!



Hi to all!
My name is Frantisek and I'm not exactly a vendor :-))

I'm one of the members of Tastebridge


which is an experimental food and beverage hacker project based at one  
of the top world's
hacker spaces called Noisebridge at SF Mission (non profit)


We promote high quality foods and beverages through promotional  
events, workshops and
this type of markets. We do a lots of experimenting trying to  
strengthen the slow food
movement by bringing in science knowledge and today's technology. You  
could describe it
also as a DIY think-tank.

Best of luck to you all and good sell of your products, you should see  
are logo around
from time to time!



PS Up to now we have had mostly probiotic beverages at the market and  
some electronic

Hey whats up vendors!
There are a bunch of us here and we all have some wonderful treats,
introduce yourself and share a bit about what it is you create/cook/

Underground Market Vendors <underground-market-vendors at googlegroups.com>

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