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Hi to all!
Please read this one it is important, the free market under forage SF  
is being threatened by health department.

I think that we should consider writing a testimony in the sense of  
"giving a Tastebridge and it's members chance to apply new techniques  
of fermenting/food production in a real world with a minimal expenses.  
Basically go in the direction of the green collar job scheme.

What do you think?



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Hey all
I wanted to write to give you all an update on what happened on  
Saturday during our last Underground Market. As some of you have  
heard, the health department showed up Saturday morning and served us  
a cease and desist letter.  This basically means that we cant do the  
market again until we figure out what the health department needs from  
us. As you know, the market was able to run with a "members only"  
clause. The health department (apparently with some pressure from the  
state level) has decided that it was not exclusive enough to be  
considered a club, so the market must come up to code.

In the short conversation I had with them Saturday it sounded like  
what they wanted was for every vendor to come totally up to code,  
which means commercial kitchens, event permits, the whole bit. Of  
course, this takes the market from being what it is, and turns it into  
a regular farmers market, which I personally have no interest in  
running, and which I know many of you would not be eligible for.   
Hopefully we will meet somewhere in the middle.  The market is, and  
has been, a place for vendors to let their businesses flourish without  
the red tape that stops so many people, and I want to see this  
preserved. Whatever solution we come to will keep this spirit, and I  
want you to know that I will out all the resources I have to make sure  
we come to a conclusion that we can all be satisfied with.

I am meeting with the health department this Thursday to discuss our  
options, and until then I'd like to keep this as under wraps as  
possible. No need to start pissing people off before we need to. So  
Please, keep this info to yourself, don't make any broad statements  
about the market disappearing, and dont get angry (at least not yet).  
You will see that a couple news outlets have released info, but no  
need to fuel the flame.

If they do try to totally shut us down, what we need to do is convince  
them that the public is on our side, and that the market is a resource  
that is necessary. What I could use from you is testimonials about how  
the market has helped your business, as well as suggestions/contacts  
of people that could help our cause (politicians, lawyers, policy  
makers etc.).  If we're going to beat this we need to get some  
powerful folks on our side.

This is a setback, but one we've expected for a while, and we'll  
figure out a way for the market to come out even better than it was  
before, and perhaps a chance to create some real change.  I'll keep  
you updated as this progresses.


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