[Tastebridge] Davros is brewing...

Sean Cusack sean.p.cusack at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 22:02:13 UTC 2011

Hey kids -

We started brewing some sweet stuff last night that is kinda temperature
dependent. Miloh and I came up with its name - it will be called Davros :).
I think the space will stay cool enough to keep the fermentation at the
correct temperature for the duration of the ferment, but just to make sure,
I'd like to ask some cool kids for help.

There are aquarium thermometers slapped on the outside of 2x 25L carboys
sitting upright near the vending machine (with caution tape on them). If
you're kinda bored, and wanna be an awesome person, I'd love it if when you
are walking by, if you could note the temperature and add it to the log on
this wiki page:


...and if you put your name next to it, I promise I'll give you a taste of
what it ends up being in the end (if you are interested)!

Thanks a lot for the help kiddos -
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