[Tastebridge] Food hacking base founded at CCC Summer Camp! (Please distribute widely!)

algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org algoldor at frantisekapfelbeck.org
Wed May 4 21:12:08 UTC 2011

Greeting to Tastebridge!

Here is a invitation to a special project. For now I put it on  
Tastebridge wiki, I hope it is OK with you. I hope that I'll find many  
of you involved!

We are very happy to announce the creation of a Foodhacking Base at  
the 2011 CCC Camp this August 10-14.  The Foodhacking Base will be  
part of NeighborCamp, the village hosting the Hackers on a Plane trip.  
  To feed the folks travelling with HoaP, we?ll have a well stocked  
and well equipped kitchen.  Now to plan how we?re going to use it the  
?hacker way?!

My role is to get cool people participating in this endeavour. So if  
you like cooking, fermenting, distilling or any one of a million  
things related to food and beverages, please get in touch! I'm already  
finishing the design of the kitchen and first list equipment list to  
have a basis for discussion.  Once the show starts, I'm responsible  
for making sure everything goes nice and smooth and on budget. I'll be  
cooking and fermenting a lot, leading some of the shifts and workshops  
on every day basis.

Your part?  Be creative and think of something :-)) Otherwise come and  
join us, have fun, do some really cool food hacks, nice and simple (we  
are still missing the go go dancers for the party :-)) gender doesn't  
matter after twelve no one cares!).

So here is the project wiki page and mailing list, sign for it,  
bookmark it or just pop in!



See you all at CCC,



(Please distribute to any foodhacking or hackerspace lists you know of  
so we can get as many folk involved in planning as possible!)

PS A bit more info.

The deal is that we have a decent budget for equipment and  
ingredients. Our goal is to prepare food for the roughly 40 Hackers on  
a Plane (plus guests) at in the NeighborCamp village during the camp.  
In addition on 11th we will prepare party dinner for ?whole camp?.  
There will be buffet style food at least three times per day,  
preferably 24/7, with plenty of vegans options all the time. That is  
what we get, that is what we give.

I'm now opening the project to discussion, hopping that people will  
step up and we will be able to make this event really rock and roll.  
I'm enclosing a list of activities which I would love to see happening  
within the food hacking center, please do add what ever you would like  
to be doing and we will see what happens.

I can imagine that we will split the day in shifts and there will be  
around 6-8 people on the shift, so we can take it easy and have a fun.

I should mention that the Hacker on the Plane group is budgeting 10 EU  
per day per participant for food, so if you are eating with us you  
should consider contributing in cash or supplies. Nobody will be  
turned away, but please discuss alternative options with me in advance  
if money is an issue. I'll do my best to have some great free food and  
beverages for helpers, give me some time to negotiate there :-))

Have a great time and I hope to see many of you in the kitchen or at  
least popping in for some treat.


Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck

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