[Tastebridge] Oyster Mushroom Status?

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Hey all,

Went by Noisebridge again yesterday to check on the babies; unfortunately,
there seems to have been some kind of problem with the power, as the wall
socket that our fan and humidistat were plugged into was completely dead,
so the chamber has suffered a drop in humidity at some point in the last
couple of days. I re-wired and made sure that everything was running as
intended, picked a few mushrooms, discarded a contaminated block and took a
couple of shots - I'll post a link as soon as I get to a computer.

Last, but certainly not least: I think I've told most of you already that
Azi and I are planning to relocate to Atlanta for the winter - so hopefully
you won't be too shocked to hear that we mean to leave Wednesday next week.
I hope most of you have time to come to Noisebridge on Monday to talk about
how to deal with the transition - around 7:30 as always?

On Nov 7, 2011 6:49 PM, "Roger H" <domitron at yahoo.com> wrote:
WOW!  I wish I lived closer, guys.  That is _really_ beautiful stuff there,
and the humidity controller is AWESOME!  The uncooked bags are pinning like
crazy, so I guess cooking the bags, at least for this species of oysters
grown on recently-used coffee grounds, is not necessary at all.   That
might be because the actual use of the coffee grounds was so close to
inoculation that the heat was a pasteurization of sorts, which is doubly
cool since not only does the coffee shop give you the substrate but also
the energy to pasteurize it!   Oh and man that blue is GORGEOUS!  So cool!
We should totally do some pink oysters too.  They don't taste quite as
great but they are beautiful.

By the way, the mushroom fair is coming in December and Alan and I will be
at the psilocybin mushroom table.  Alan, unlike myself, is a complete
genius at memorizing thousands of mushroom names in Latin and has a knack
for identification.  I'm more a grower, though, and can answer questions
about growing any mushroom.

Speaking of growing unfortunately my Stipticus bags with the
molasses-fermented sawdust are not taking off at all.  After two weeks,
there still is absolutely no sign of growth in them, so I have decided to
see if this mycelium really does grow at a pH of 4.0 in a new liquid
culture.  If it is truly Stipticus, it should grow great in it, at least
according to the research papers I am using.  As I did not isolate this
culture myself, I can only assume it is, as my friend believes, Stipticus,
but there could have been some sort of mistake since he's human as much as
I.  So far the 4.0 pH liquid culture is not showing definite signs of
growth any more than the bags, although it's only been two days.  If it
does grow, though, I will once again try to inoculate the substrate I have
used before with it.  And if the liquid culture doesn't grow out at 4.0 pH
as it did at 6.0 pH, it's back to the agar plates since I'll have to
isolate the mycelium from some a few commercial wooden dowels I got that do
have stipticus on them because I do not think the plate can be Stipticus if
it cannot tolerate the lower pH since that's the approximate pH of the
ecological niche this species inhabits in the wild.


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Hey everyone,

Just a quick update on the status of our project, and a link to pictures of
the firs...
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