[Tastebridge] Stipticus bag experiment update

Roger H domitron at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 07:53:30 UTC 2011

I have attached a macro shot of the panellus stipticus mycellium showing classic linear growth through the fermented alder sawdust.  The spot you see here is one of the largest, yet less than a 3/4" across today, the 4th day since inoculation.  Although slow, it seems to be growing fine.  The speed doesn't bother me at all, though, since the last time I grew bags out, I believe full colonization took 6 weeks, with a 4th week substrate mixing through the bag.  As far as I know this speed is normal for this species; after all, not everything grows super fast like oysters do - most mushrooms don't and many species in nature take a whole year or longer to prepare for a brief fruiting cycle, sometimes as short as a single week.  Fortunately while stipticus mycelium grows slowly, the fruits also mature very slowly.  Last grow I had fruits that lasted over a month without much degradation and they were still glowing strong.  Even after picking them, they
 glowed for days!


PS - I am inoculating three more bags tomorrow with roughly the same pH, 4.6.  I will bring a bag into the noise bridge once colonization is close to done, maybe after the 4-week mix of the substrate.
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