[Tastebridge] [nb-soc] Thingsgiving, next Fri/Sat/Sun (25/26/27) at Noisebridge!

jim jim at systemateka.com
Sun Nov 20 02:44:57 UTC 2011

    re the "dirty shop" or whatever you'd like to call it, 
seems to me this is the source of the most offensive noise 
as well as some detritus such as sawdust and filings. 
    i'd like to suggest a couple of possible improvements: 
* some kind of sound baffling immediately around the most 
noisy tools (radial arm saw, mainly) and possibly above 
the existing walls (note there are fire code regulations 
regarding the sprinkler system, it also might not be worth 
the effort, given the large doorways...). 
* some kind of containment of sawdust and filings, maybe 
one or two big paint tarps that can be drawn around a work 
area to make an erzatz booth (might help reduce sound a 
tiny bit, too). 

    it would be nice to bring electricity out of the 
dedicated sub-panel along the north and east walls, too, 
but that may be an unrelated topic. 

On Fri, 2011-11-18 at 22:12 -0800, Danny O'Brien wrote:
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Thingsgiving
> At Tuesday meeting, a bunch of us (including Kaya, Ben, Liz, Shannon,
> Miloh, Rayc,  Zephyr and a cast of thousands) all jumped up and
> simultaneously decided to try and do some work on better soundproofing
> the classrooms and the workshop, or at least finishing the walls
> around them a bit more nicely. 
> We might do other crazy stuff the likes of which the world has never
> seen, or at least the kind of infrastructure stuff that benefits from
> spending a lot of concentrated, group time with plenty of spare hands
> working on it. 
> The plan is to do this over the long weekend after Thanksgiving. 
> I'll put out a bigger more propagandistic mail to announce the
> details, but for now:
> 1) If you'd like to come hang out, cook food, tote bails, paint walls,
> and hack infrastructure, go to
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Thingsgiving and add your name. Also
> maybe some hints when you can make it. Please mail me also with
> contacts, because it's hard to cat herd when you don't have the cat's
> phone numbers.
> 2) We're good at hacking stuff together, but we're not so good at
> making it look all pretty. The plan here is to improve the classrooms
> and workshop, but also to make them look finished. So this is me
> putting out a special invite for Noisebridgers who wince at our
> collective unaesthetics, and would like to have some support (and
> maybe a bit of money for supplies) to do apply large-scale decoration
> and design thinking. No guarantees, but this could be our best stab at
> it for a while. All suggestions (of people and how to do this)
> welcome.
> Excelsior!
> d.
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