[Tastebridge] Oyster Mushroom update

Tony K. LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 00:09:29 UTC 2011

Someone said the other night - around the time we were preparing
Thanksgiving dinner - that we should never have to buy beer, wine, etc @
the Bridge, since we can brew our own. I wholeheartedly endorse that
sentiment. With my very next UI payment - which I should receive by this
time next week - I would like to purchase the necessary supplies to brew a
batch of mead (honey wine) and/or beer. I haven't made either before but I
have a good recipe for mead and a rudimentary knowledge of what it will
take to make it. I would like to engage in this brewing adventure with the
help of others - anyone interested! You can email me (
anthonyletigre at gmail.com) or find me at the Bridge. I'm there practically
on a daily basis of late. In fact I'm going to be heading there this
evening, in a couple hours.

Of course, it will take a while for mead or beer to be ready to drink. We
may have to purchase our provisions in the meantime to get us through till

For non-drinkers: I am also interested in solid (non alcoholic) foods! The
biolumniscent mushrooms sounds brilliant (literally, as well as

I'm also a "housing hacker" you might say with Homes Not Jails - we have
our weekly meeting Tuesday at 8pm - for anyone who doesn't know, and may be


On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 9:32 AM, Roger H <domitron at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  I have a Shiitake liquid culture nearing completion after only one week
> of spinning.  I will use it to start spawn bags full of millet for you
> guys.  Shiitake has hardy mycellium but may not be so forgiving for the
> substrate as oysters.  In particular I would be pretty surprised if it will
> fruit on old coffee grounds, but I think it is worth a try.  Still I would
> have some of the cheap sawdust from Lazzari ready.  I'll have the spawn
> ready in a couple weeks and drop it by along with a completed bag of the
> Stipticus that you guys can fruit out (it is a bioluminescent mushroom).
> Roger
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> *From:* Matthew Downs <downs.matt at gmail.com>
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> *Subject:* [Tastebridge] Oyster Mushroom update
> Greetings Tasters!
> Just dropped-by to check on the babies.  Filled the humi.  We're able to
> get about 4 days between fills now with the humistat.  Thank you to
> everyone who contributed to this wonderful innovation!
> There are about 5 of the coffee grounds blocks remaining and all of them
> are fruiting!  Hopefully we'll be getting some fat flushes from these over
> the next few weeks.  Our chamber is pretty well contaminated with bread
> mold...we've pitched several blocks, but the tree oysters are so hardy they
> are fighting it off.  We removed the dry saw dust blocks from this summer.
>  I took the uncontaminated ones home, hydrated them, broke them up and
> burried them under a layer of sheet mulch.  Hooooping this will start to
> colonize my garden bed, which is mostly woodchips and cardboard at this
> stage. We'll know in a few months...if this works out, we could have a nice
> source for spawn.
> As you may know, Rikke has moved to Atlanta for a few seasons, so Natalie
> and myself are now sheepherding the fungus project.  I want to give a shout
> out to Rikke for all her hard work over the last several weeks --cleaning
> the chamber, keeping an eye on everything, just being generally passionate
> and awesome.  Our current plan is to let these blocks fruit out, then tear
> down the chamber.  If there is interest, we may continue to do batches in
> the future.  Personally, I'd love to try to get some shiitake going, but we
> need to tear down, thoroughly clean and rebuild the chamber if we're to
> fight-off the mildew and contamination.  Depending on how the current
> fruiting goes, we may wait ot tear down until after the first of the year.
> i'm having a minor medical procedure inside my nose, so I will not be able
> to be there this Monday thru Wednesday, will plan to meet next Monday 12/9.
> Spores,
> ~Matthew
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