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Roger H domitron at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 05:47:00 UTC 2011

I thought I'd share with you all the best place I know to get CS-4 cordyceps and other medicinal mushroom in bulk.  It's called Mushroom Harvest (http://www.mushroomharvest.com).  I have no affiliation with this these guys, but after having been put off trying mushroom powders for the ridiculous prices that most supplement companies charge for years, I was really happy to find one that sells bulk high-quality powders for dirt cheap.  To give you an example, consider Paul Stamet's New Chapter cordyceps supplement sells for almost 9 times the cost per gram as Mushroom Harvest's bulk power and they are both the same strain (CS-4)!  

And since I'm on this, although I like to take several, my favorite mushroom supplement is cordyceps.  Cordyceps actually encompasses several hundred species of mushrooms, each parasitic to a particular insect species.  The fruiting body and mycelium are reputed in eastern traditional medicine to be practically a cure-all, but the reason I take it is to enhance my dreams. I find between a half to one tablespoon before bed really increases the intensity of my dreams and restfulness of my sleep.  The dreams potentiation that I get isn't well documented, but for me it is consistently powerful, making me think something is going on beyond the placebo effect.  Another common side effect for women is libido enhancement, and I have talked to a few women, including my girlfriend, who claim this to be true for them (I can see it now - men giving their girlfriends a nice bag of cordyceps for next Valentines Day in addition to the compulsory chocolates).  


PS - A good document about Cordyceps that doesn't go deep into the supernatural, hippie, pseudo-science stuff is here  http://www.heartfeltmedicine.com/files/cordy_article.pdf
PPS - Before someone asks about this, no it is not worth it to grow this stuff yourself in my opinion.  When you set up an operation to grow some of these species, you really have to nail the temperature and humidity levels.  For example it's not super simple like growing oyster mushrooms.
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