[Tastebridge] Mushroom automation

Dana S. dsniezko at sonic.net
Wed Oct 12 01:19:28 UTC 2011

Hey everyone,

I was scrounging around my house yesterday and  found a NSLU2 (http://www.nslu2-linux.org/) to donate to mushroom automation or other efforts. It's a tiny box with ethernet and usb,  runs Debian linux from a thumb drive! 

Currently it is labelled, resting on top of the  incubator ---- it should support many kinds of peripherals: cameras , arduinos, stand-alone sensors, etc --- with a usb hub or some modding there is potential for many more usb ports. I also brought in a cheapo web cam for time lapse --- it has surprisingly decent picture quality and seems to play nicely with the box. Local storage is quite limited but we can always move images elsewhere.

I will speak with Jake , if anyone on this list wants to take initiative and improve or explore this,  email me and I will  share  login info with you!

~ Dana 

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