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Empowered Fall Cooking Class is being offered at Noisebridge on Saturday the 25th. It is hosted by Sven Orozco, IEP nutrition coach. The class has the theme of Healthy Fall Cooking. Most of the recipes are vegetarian, but everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of your cooking ability.  What's most important is your interest in learning to cook in a healthy holistic way. The class is limited to 4 people, please RSVP ahead of time to reserve your spot. The class will incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine  [TCM] and holistic nutrition concepts, such as:
1. Eating local foods [to the bay area] in season.  Some holistic chefs created a local food wheel to make it easier for eaters to know which produce is in season in the bay area. They're site is: http://www.localfoodswheel.com/2. Eating transition foods that have the energy of summer but are purgative and prepare the body for fall foods.  Everyone's heard of spring cleaning, but not enough of us do a fall cleaning.  The body also needs to rid itself in order to move into the Fall in full health.3. Eating foods to promote and maintain strong immunity in the Fall, foods to protect the lungs and energize lung chi and the respiratory system.  Many people catch a flu or get sick in late summer/early fall because of lowered immune system and weak lung chi.  These dishes can help to avoid that.4. Using the cooking techniques that work best for us in Autumn, such as sautéed, slow cooked, roasted foods, baked dishes and warm liquids.The class is meant to teach the participants how to make recipes that emphasize the nutrition concepts above and inspire them to eat this way throughout the Fall season.  So far the working menu is: Ginseng tea, Chinese Plum Sauce, Lemon-Garlic Hummus, Baked Kale Chips, Japanese Hoisin Salmon [for fish eaters], Saigon Miso, and Cinnamon Summer Squash. If time allows we will to learn to make at least 6 easy dishes.  And I will send additional follow-up recipes after the class.  Everyone will work in small groups to support each other in a joint effort to learn how to cook healthy for the Fall season.If you would like to join us for this delicious event you will need to: 1. send a RSVP email with your name and how many people will be in your group; 2. include any food restrictions/allergies, very important; 3. include if you are a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore; 4. make a suggestion about what local organic vegetables or fruits in season you could bring [enough for about 5 people] or you can make a $5 donation.  You will receive an email back confirming your reserved spot and confirm the produce so as to avoid overlapping of the same produce.  RSVP at: sorozco74 at hotmail.comWhen: Saturday, August 25th, 5pm.  Your welcome to come at 4:30 and share tea with the other participants before the class starts.Where: Noisebridge  (located at 2169 Mission Street in SF, between 17th and 18th street.  It's about 1 1/2 blocks from the 16th & Mission BART. The space is on the 3rd floor and is accessible both by stairs and a freight elevator that typically works. When you get to the building, you’ll see a vaguely descriptive doorbell-type button at the front gate. Push it, look up into the video camera above the entrance, and someone will buzz you in).What to bring: The host will be bringing the majority of organic ingredients for the night, but I do ask that each person bring some produce or fruit or a $5 donation.  Once you RSVP I will email back with a suggested produce [enough for about 5 people]. Empowered Cooking Class FAQs:1. Who is leading the cooking class?  Sven Orozco, a holistic nutrition counselor.  He studied holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and provides nutrition coaching at Immune Enhancement Project.
2. How much does this cost? Participation is free when bringing produce to the event, or you can donate $5. 3.. What if I “can’t cook”/ have no idea what I’m doing? No problem. It's a supportive learning environment. Hopefully this class will help you to overcome any fears you have about burning down the kitchen, just kidding. Seriously, just learning what types of foods to eat and learning the healthy Fall concepts are more important than advancing your culinary skills.  It will be a supportive, easy going cooking environment. Thus the name "empowered" where you should feel more self-determined to know what you should be eating this Fall season. 4. What if I have other questions?  Email Sven at: sorozco74 at hotmail.com Contact Sven if you have questions, comments, or any ideas for a future cooking class or recipes. 		 	   		   		 	   		   		 	   		   		 	   		  
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