[Tastebridge] Mangos, bananas, spices and pizza night 2.0

Dana S. dsniezko at sonic.net
Fri Feb 17 23:20:06 UTC 2012

Someone brought a bunch of mangos and bananas into the space. I'm not sure
if I have the time to do something with them this weekend, but if anyone
is willing to juice them before they go bad they'd make really excellent
fruit soda/wine/vinegar!

A few people have mentioned that they want to hold another pizza hacking
night. We learned a lot from our first attempt and I think we can make the
second one even better, with even more participation. The next two weeks
are a bit crazy for me --- how about Monday, March 5th?

Also, I dropped off 1 lb of curry powder and herbs de provence for  the NB

- dana

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