[Tastebridge] Stipticus (Glowing) Mushroom Update

Roger H domitron at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 8 22:57:44 UTC 2012

Stipticus Update

I have four Stipticus mushrooms bags glowing brightly that are designated for the Noisebridge.  Three of them were created using my slow technique of liquid culture direct to fruiting substrate and are about 90% colonized.  While LC direct to fruit out substrate works GREAT for most aggressive mycelium, it is an exceptionally poor technique for Stipiticus that causes bag colonization times from 6 to 8 weeks as a result of very poor leap off from the LC to the substrate (and sometimes I couldn't get any leap at all).

The fourth bag is 100% colonized and was made using traditional spawn techniques which reduced colonization time down to 2 weeks (from spawning) with spawn generation taking about two weeks.  In other words, using this more traditional pathway halved the time needed from LC to bag completion.  Also the spawn-inoculated bags seem to be harder colonized than the LC-inoculated ones, which will means we can probably expect brighter-glowing and more fruits.  I think this is because the substrate is a professional one supplemented with Spawn Mate (thanks to Ray who collected the wood substrate from a mushroom production place).

At any rate, I'll be bringing these four bags to you all maybe tomorrow or, at the latest, next Sunday.  From the time the bags are opened, you can expect glowing pins in two weeks, with a fruit maturation of about three to four.

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