[Tastebridge] Stipticus (Glowing) Mushroom Bag Delivery via Alan

Roger H domitron at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 22:36:37 UTC 2012

Last night I handed over three Stipticus bags to Alan for delivery to the Noisebridge.  Only open the fully-colonized ones and allow the others to fully colonized before opening their bags.  You can expect pin to form withing two weeks of opening the bag and exposing the block to fruiting conditions (which are basically the same as the oysters we've grown already).  
Although Stipticus actually glows relatively brightly for a mushroom, the glow is very dim green compared to, for sake of comparison, a common light stick.  Because they are so dim you'll need to turn off all the lights or otherwise block the room light to make your pupils dilate in order to see any glow (of course, this step is optional if one happens to have dilated pupils for any other reason).  The mycelium is particularly dim, so usually you'll need several minutes exposure to total darkness before your pupils are sufficiently dilated to see it glowing.  The fruits glow a bit brighter than the mycelium so usually a minute in total darkness is enough time to see them glowing.  I am not sure how one will be able to observe total darkness in the Noisebridge, but I am sure someone can work out a temporary light block of sorts.
Have fun!
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