[Tastebridge] Fw: VeganHacker March 27

Maggie F maggiefrankel at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 02:28:06 UTC 2012

Hi Tastebridge! 

VeganHacker will be happening on Tuesday March 27, 2012 at 7:00pm. This month's hack is Vegan Ravioli! Everyone is welcome to join! 

Here are the details from our website: 

Thanks to some great ideas from last month’s Twinkie hacking participants, this month’s hack will be vegan ravioli! We will be making vegan dough and fillings for a myriad of  ravioli combinations!
Imagine what you could create!! A delicious ravioli made of plain pasta and a grilled asparagus/tofu filling? Perhaps a samosa-like ravioli with a curry filling? A ravioli made with spinach pasta and a cashew cheez filling? A ravioli that somehow involves tofu dogs? A dessert ravioli??? The possibilities are infinite!  
Vegan Hacker SF will provide the ingredients (and instruction) to make a basic semolina dough for the outer (pasta) part of the ravioli. YOU are responsible for the fillings, as well as any additives that you would like to add to the dough for the pasta part (e.g. spinach to make it green, chili powder, etc). Also, if you are a wheat-free type, you’re welcome to bring the ingredients for a wheat-free vegan dough (a quick online search shows that it’s totally possible!)! 
If you have never before made ravioli, don’t worry!! We will teach you! it is ridiculously easy, and once you have made it once (and seen how inexpensive and easy it is), you’ll never want to buy it ready-made again! 
As a friendly reminder, “vegan” means that no animal products were used in the creation of the food. This includes meat, dairy products, honey, eggs, and more. If you’re new to this whole “vegan thing” and you’re not sure if something that you want to bring is vegan, shoot us an email and we’ll let you know! 
Vegan ravioli hacking will take place 3/27/12 at Noisebridge at 7:00 pm sharp. 
If you plan to attend, please RSVP via email (veganhacker at gmail dot com), and let us know what ingredients you would like to bring! Also, we would love it if you could bring any of the following kitchen supplies to use/share for the duration of the event: ravioli rolling pins, regular rolling pins, and a bowl and fork to eat your ravioli with (as Noisebridge has limited supplies).
We’ll see you there!
Email(veganhacker at gmail dot com)us if you have any questions!  


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