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Just forwarding It is always worth of reminding, read below.
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Excellencies and Distinguished Hackers:

Communal kitchens are difficult to maintain.  This results from 
the complexity of functional kitchens, the rapid rate food spoils, 
and entropy occuring without effort.  (Being occupied by hackers 
does not make this any easier.)

Characteristics of an excellent kitchen:

Communicate regularly with all benefiting from the kitchen.

Be sanitary and logical. 

Begin food hacking.
   Start by communicating with those in and around the kitchen.
   Plan your food hacking project.
   Then cleaning, sorting, putting things away.
   At the same time send out the shopping team.
   Then go as wild as you want, then eat.
   Finish by cleaning, sorting, putting things away.
   If inclined, write about your experiences, actions, ...
End food hacking.

If two or more projects are using the kitchen at the
same time, work it out using your excellent communication

The kitchen is a place where bio-hazards appear in a few hours.  

If you don't want to kill/sicken the other hackers, ask 
someone who knows about sanitation, look it up online, or 
stay out of the kitchen/fridge/dumpster, ...

If you don't appreciate moldy food or vermin, learn from and 
help the other food hackers clean.

If you don't find what you are looking for communicate.
Communication includes writing labels with as much 
details needed for coherent communication.

If you want to improve the kitchen, first learn excellent
kitchen design.  Since we are hackers, it is ok to keep 
changing the kitchen, as long as you don't stop until its
ready for the other food hackers to return.  

Don't forget to communicate and follow the rules.  

Major projects involving hacker sustaining resources need 
consensus, and be excellent!


PS: Professional kitchens have cleaners.  When the wild food 
hacking puts it on the ceilings, a fire hose is used to clean 
the place from top to bottom.  And then the fun starts over. 
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