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Hi Dana&Maggie,
Sounds very nice, I wonder if you are going to have some online info? We would like to use it for Food Hacking Base activity at OHM 2013 in the Netherlands where we will be making coffee during the event and we have some coffee enthusiasts (freaks) present :-)


I do not really have experience in doing the roasting by myself, have seen it made in Mexico, Chiapas from locally grown beans and it was really cool!

I wish you best of luck, just adding a link to a movie about coffee farmers and their issues with sellers/roasting companies which I have found interesting and which are being answered to the degree by your DIY roasting activity


Sincerely from South Korea, Jeju,


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Also cced to Announce/Tastebridge!


Thursday June 27, 7pm, NOISEBRIDGE, Back/Kitchen Area
(fyi No Vegan Hacker)

Special event: Coffee Roasting Hack/Workshop!

If you love coffee and you haven't yet tried roasting your own-- you're
missing out!

Roasting your own coffee beans is simple, quick, and cheap.

Get high-quality specialty coffee for half of the price that you pay in the

Come learn how from Dana and Maggie who have been home-roasting coffee
beans for the past few years.

We will discuss:

* History of the coffee/ the coffee trade
* Where to get green beans
* Where to get the very, very simple equipment
* Coffee flavors and different types of roasts
* Demonstration of how we roast coffee
* DIY coffee roaster hacks!

We'll provide samples of home-roasted coffee, and our stash
of coffee is overflowing so we may also have some spare green beans we can

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