[Tastebridge] Participants Wanted for Research (Help me do some thesis hacking!)

Stefan Friedel sgfriedel at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 23:22:14 UTC 2013

Dear Tastebridge,

Hello, my name is Stefan Friedel, and I am a graduate student in the
Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS) at the
University of Chicago. I am conducting a study for my master’s thesis
looking at how people come together to form hackerspace communities,
and what makes hackerspaces such vibrant and sustainable places of
collaboration, innovation, and social interaction.

I am looking for a wide variety of people (including food hackers!) to
participate in a 2 hour interview, and to answer questions about their
projects, their opinions, and their experiences at the hackerspace.
Participation in this study is completely voluntary (please note that
participants must be 18 years or older), and there is no compensation
being offered. For anyone willing to participate though, I am happy to
conduct the interview over lunch or coffee (my expense!), assuming we
conduct the interview in person. Also, the interview can be shortened
accommodate your schedule if needed.

I will be visiting Noisebridge (2169 Mission St., San Francisco, CA
94103), from Wednesday March 21st through Tuesday March 26th, then
back again for one day on Friday March 29th (flying out that evening).
If you are busy during that time but would still like to participate,
not to worry! Please contact me and we can arrange for an interview
over Skype or via chat.

If you are interested in participating in my project, or would like to
discuss the project in greater detail, please contact me at this
e-mail, or at sfriedel at uchicago.edu. I can also be reached by phone at
512-743-9692 (voice or text).

If you have any questions or concerns, please also feel free to
contact my faculty advisor at the University of Chicago, Michael
Fisch, at mfisch at uchicago.edu.



Stefan Friedel
E-mail: sfriedel at uchicago.edu
Phone: 512-743-9692
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/stefan-friedel/31/8b5/b83

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