[Tastebridge] Vegan hackers wanted for NB benefit 3/30!

Vegan Hacker SF veganhackersf at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 03:55:45 UTC 2013

Hi Tony,

This is Maggie from Vegan Hacker. We're definitely still alive, and hacking
tacos on the 28th (come on by!)!
James had already emailed me about this; I responded that while we plan to
have a display table at the party, we at this point, can't do a
catering-type thing. Since our event is only 2 days before the party, we're
going to be exhausted by then!
I did forward to request to the Food Not Bombs list, which has provided
vegan food for Noisebridge events before. As far as I know, there have been
no replies yet... but anarchists haven't always been that compatible with
clock time ;)

If nobody replies, one cheap'n'easy idea is, indeed, tacos. Corn tortillas
often come in packs of 50 or more for $3, dry beans are hella cheap, and
lettuce (and other cheap vegetable friends, especially from the place
downstairs) aren't too spendy. Have a volunteer construct tacos on demand,
stick a donation jar on the counter, and *wham* the $12 spent is made back


On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 4:19 AM, Noisebridge benefit
<noizparty at riseup.net>wrote:

> Hey there Tastebridge (or what remains of it?),
> This is Tony, I'm one of the people organizing a benefit / fundraiser for
> Noisebridge that will take place Saturday, March 30th. We want to have
> edibles & drinkables on hand for the event, & I know the "vegan hacker"
> contingent hosted a number of successful events @ NB back in the day. Are
> some of those vegan hacker people still receiving messages to this mailing
> list? Could someone give me contact info for prominent vegan hackerfolk I
> could contact? We would love to have their involvement in any form for the
> March 30th event.
> Thanks,
> Tony
> noizparty at riseup.net
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