[Tiny-tux] infocast 8" at best buy

erik swedberg erik_swedberg at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 26 01:42:04 UTC 2011

I saw one 8" infocast at the SF best buy. The box is opened (the thing looks 
slightly used, or at least pawed), and the marked down price on it is $71.99 (is 
this good? is this bad? isn't that what a brand new unit should cost nowadays?).

Anyways I didn't buy it, so it's sitting there up for grabs. Sort of by some of 
the "digital picture frames" and tripods.


I hunted around for the 3.5" and couldn't find one. When I saw a best buy 
employee put in the 3.5" infocast SKU into their system, the info page said 
something about "discontinued". Can anyone confirm or deny the discontinued-ness 
of infocasts at best buy?

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